Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So I decided to paint a mermaid to hang up at the good ol' county fair. There are never enough mermaids there, really. After I had started I thought to go ahead a take photos of the process. I didn't get the beginning drawing or the final... I will have to post the final later. Anyways here is how it happens:

After drawing the mermaid I masked the bubbles so that I didn't have to mess with going around them.

I always paint the mermaid first. If I don't like the mermaid I am not going to bother with a background, they are easy. This picture was taken right as I was beginning the background.

She is holding a baby mermaid fetus.

I got to be the model. No one else was home.

Background: lots of water, paint, more water, and salt.

Mask removed: White bubbles.

I will go to the fair and take a picture. I can't believe I forgot to do that.